Insaniyyat: Why?

Bereft of a homeland yet invigorated by searching for a language towards one, we have commonly resolved to begin something new, to think and speak about anthropology together in Arabic, with Palestine as our compass, and with other struggles for justice as inspirations, by embarking on Insaniyyat | Society of Palestinian Anthropologists. As the healthy habitats and sane inquiry into truth traditions that have nurtured our bodies, minds, and souls are dissolving by the day on our endangered planet, we find it increasingly vital to think in the language that counts as home, or as one cherished home, to join together oriented by our different experiences of Palestine and of dispossession and exile. Hence, we constitute ourselves as a community of inquiry despite our dispersal, and the dismemberment of our homeland that has continued since the advent of modern colonial conditions. To work against ongoing and various besiegements of occupation, corruption, and statelessness, to take a measure of responsibility for knowledge produced and disseminated about and in Palestine, we have resolved to furnish our inquiry with an institutional form that resonates with our essentially sovereign-less condition. As a collective, we resolve to foster an anthropological space of thought that tethers us neither to the dominion of Western reason nor to the quest for the modern state, but to our own formations of what we can know, do, and hope for.