Haifa as a Beginning for Insaniyyat

Insaniyyat began with a single email that one of us sent on June 25, 2015, inviting others to step outside our isolation and gather and talk anthropology in Arabic. That first meeting launched a series of ongoing monthly meetings, whereby we as a group of Palestinian anthropologists, students and faculty at Israeli universities, gather for scholarly reflection and discussion in Arabic. We continue to meet monthly at al-Yakhour in Haifa, co-owned by one of our members, the time generally split into two parts. During the first part, we discuss anthropological works, either by scholars in whom we share a common interest or by members interested in our feedback. During the second part, we focus on forging a viable community of Palestinian anthropologists, extending beyond those immediately present, despite proliferating walls, checkpoints, borders, dispersions, and dispossessions, both physical and intellectual.