Palestine as Epistemic Site: Knowledge Production beyond Fragmentation

International Research Conference
Vienna, 24–26 June 2020

In light of increasing anthropological interests in the study of Palestine, this conference aims at uncovering new terrains for critical anthropological inquiry beyond the socio-economic and territorial fragmentation of Palestinian communities.

Currently prevailing themes in anthropological studies of Palestine include humanitarianism, militarization, settler colonialism, surveillance, neoliberalism, NGOisation, identities, refugees and memory. Meanwhile, Palestinian anthropologists and other anthropologists of Palestine are beginning to pursue a new range of topics, thus expanding the horizons of their discipline by tackling transnational, de-colonial, feminist
and ethical questions.

Through treating Palestine as an epistemic and methodological site, they are not only capable of adding new approaches and results to the anthropology of Palestine and West Asia, but also to new contributions to anthropology at large within the wider fields of the humanities and social sciences.

This three-day conference will offer an opportunity for early Post-Doc researchers and PhD candidates in anthropology and neighboring fields of the social sciences to present and discuss fresh insights into their research on Palestine and Palestinian communities with peers and senior scholars in the field of contemporary Palestine studies.

Abstract submission:
If you are interested in participation, please submit a proposal of approximately 500 words of an unpublished paper along with a short CV in English to the organizers by 17 January 2020.

To ensure substantial discussions among the participants the conference will consist of a twoday workshop instead of mere presentations and panel discussions. Workshop sessions will
be planned in an alternative presentation format, which facilitates the engagement of all participants with each individual paper. Therefore the full papers should be submitted by the 1st of May 2020 at the latest.

Conference participants are invited to contribute to a co-edited volume.

Conference organizers:
Institute for Social Anthropology (ISA)
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Department of Social and Cultural
Anthropology – University of Vienna

Travel and accommodation funds:
The conference supports travel funds for participants who do not have enough support by their respective institutions.

Call for Applications in pdf format