Palestinian Anthropology: Thinking Without a State



Insaniyyat Conference

Palestinian Anthropology: Thinking Without a State

Birzeit, Palestine, January 2019

Call for Papers

Insaniyyat, the recently formed Society of Palestinian Anthropologists, invites participants to submit abstracts, attend roundtables, and participate in the society’s second gathering. Papers and roundtables should address the subject of Palestine and Palestinian communities anywhere as topics of anthropological inquiry. The conference is in collaboration with the PhD program in inter-disciplinary social sciences at Birzeit University. For its three-day conference, Palestinian Anthropology: Thinking Without a State, Insaniyyat invites participants to explore the following questions: How can we cultivate and enrich a Palestinian anthropology? What are the theoretical and/or political, ethnographic contributions of anthropological research on Palestine to the discipline? What are the thematic intersections that do or should command ethnographic attention in a sovereignless Palestine? In what ways might Palestine as an epistemic site offer critical reflections on the modern enterprise of studying the Other that is arguably anthropology? What are the challenges of conducting fieldwork in Palestine and among Palestinian communities in diaspora?

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