Voice of Insaniyyat

Ethnographic Voices on Palestine and the World

The Voice of Insaniyyat podcast hosts conversations on Anthropology and Palestine. Through speaking with and listening to people who engage these ideas from anywhere in the world, we aim to offer reflections that expand horizons of thinking and doing rather than accepting disciplinary and national boundaries. In the process, we aim to further the development of community through the practice of conversation and deep listening (إصغاء). We believe that Palestinian ethnographers and ethnographies of Palestine speak insightfully to many predicaments of the contemporary world. Voice of Insaniyyat began in the summer of 2019 as a modest experiment of bringing together varied approaches to anthropology, the study of issues relevant to Palestine and Palestinians, and the intimacy of conversation through the medium of audio. Drawing on our hope that this project can produce meaningful knowledge that is also able to travel across different contexts and languages, listeners are welcome to use our work, especially for pedagogical purposes, with proper attribution.

Special thanks to Najwa Doughman for the graphic design and branding, Rahaf Salahat for helping construct and prepare the website page, and TootArd for the permission to use their music.