What is Insaniyyat?

Insaniyyat is a society of Palestinian anthropologists devoted to promoting anthropological inquiry among Palestinians and about Palestine and the rest of the world. It advocates the development of anthropological knowledge in diverse subfields and related ethnographic research, while always attuned to social and political justice. It aims to promote anthropological scholarship to various audiences in Palestine and beyond.

Call for Submissions: COVID Palestine

Insaniyyat invites submissions from Palestinian anthropologists, as well as anthropologists and social scientists engaged in the study of Palestine, for a special series featured on our website under the title: “COVID Palestine: Fieldnotes on Life in Pandemic times”. We seek short pieces in an ethnographic spirit that bring a Palestinian prism towards our wider understanding of this unprecedented global moment through the everyday experiences of COVID in Palestine and the diaspora.

Public Statement: In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

June 21, 2020

“I can’t breathe,” said George Floyd as he was murdered. We lost him, but we did not lose the truth that lives in his telling words. Just as with innumerable martyrs before him in the enduring struggle for justice, George’s words bear witness. They bear witness to the struggle for Black lives to be fully respected, always and everywhere.

We in Insaniyyat, a society of Palestinian anthropologists, affirm George’s testimony ...